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Title 20 Provisions

With Title 20 now in effect in California, customers will be forced to install more energy efficient pumps. According to amendments to Title 20, Section 1605.3, of the California Appliance Efficiency Regulations, any pool pump made after Jan. 1, 2006, and sold in California must feature either a capacitor-start/capacitor-run or two-speed motor. The regulation applies to in-ground and aboveground pools. This article explains some of the details. What this means for our customers is that we will no longer be able to sell single speed pumps or motors above 1 HP for the purposes of pool and spa filtration. Pentair, the pool industry’s largest pool equipment manufacturer, is ahead of the pack as it relates to energy efficient products. Pool Time, as an authorized Pentair dealer, can now offer some exciting alternative pumps that will save our customers money in the long run.


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